Cockroach Control

Being a licensed holder, we use high quality chemicals that will control the pest. We provide different control measures for industrial, commercial and residential sectors. We are the pioneers in the field of pest control and assure you quality services only. We offer services on yearly contract basis or for one time treatment also. Our technicians are well mannered and have high experience in this field. Efficient and loyal services is our motto. Our services ensures customer's satisfaction.

Bedbug Control

Bed bugs are a thing of nightmares when it comes to infestations and the effects they have on your property, in particular those in which reside there. With a distinct reddish-brown colour and a flat, oval-shaped body, bed bugs are easily identified once noticed. Its the noticing of them that can be difficult as they are only around 6mm in length with the eggs and young ones being as small as 1mm in size.

Spider Control

Although many people have an inherent fear of spiders they can actually prove to be one of the more useful of New Zealand pests. Feeding on other pests such as wasps and flies and posing no direct threat to people (bar Katipos and Red Backs), spiders in New Zealand are mostly seen as pests due to their webs and less than appealing appearance.Due to these factors and more spiders can be a particular nuisance in the home even though they prey on other perceived pests. They are attracted to dark, warm small spaces such as wall cracks and corners where they can build their intrusive webs and set up residence. Once this is achieved they will breed and continue to expand their web over time, making for more spiders, a bigger web and the prospect of a potential infestation.

Silverfish Control

Eliminate silverfish by understanding silverfish behavior and insecticide treatments. Silverfish are unable to survive in low relative humidity. Reducing moisture and humidity is critical for silverfish management. It is also important to remove their food sources. After inspection, moisture control, and elimination of the food sources, insecticide application treatments are required for silverfish control and elimination.