Specialized Control

Lizard Control

Controlling lizards is easy. First you should take away their food by doing a little pest control around the house. Next you should set out some repellent granules or repellent spray and lastly, consider setting out lizard traps if they're inside the home.Lizard Control is so intricate job, which involves the knowledge of the pest habitat that includes their feeding habits, breeding and hiding places and their active period

Snakes Control

Snakes are cold-blooded reptiles, which is why they sun in the warmer months and go into hibernation during the colder. Some of the larger species may cause problems around poultry houses. One of the greatest threats from certain varieties of snakes is the fact that they are venomous and can cause severe illness and even death if they bite humans or animals. One of the best ways to discourage snakes from inhabiting gardens and homes is to remove suitable hiding places. Since snakes often come to an area in search of prey, eliminating rodent and frog population is an important step in making the habitat less attractive for snakes.

Pigeons Control

We were prompted to develop a new convenient product by which we can tackle the problem of pigeons at the same time either not killing or hurting this bird. Our continued research and efforts in this field for quite some time finally gave us a positive by which we could develop a new product by name 'PIGEONO'. which covers all the plus points compared with conventional method for preventing the disturbances of birds, especially pigeons. This method is widely accepted and the same is performing successfully.Metalic spikes: which has the tendency of getting corroded and within a few months of its installation it catches rust it becomes unusable